Protesters Rally Against Sale of Hofmann Forest – Time Warner Cable News

“We are such a special place, we do not need to be selling off 79,000 acres, for pittance,” said Jessica Hult, president of the Izaak Walton League.

via Protesters Rally Against Sale of Hofmann Forest – Time Warner Cable News.

Protests planned to stop sale of Hofmann Forest – Local – Sun Journal

Protests planned to stop sale of Hofmann Forest – Local – Sun Journal.

From Ron Sutherland:

If you live anywhere near Raleigh or Jacksonville, NC, can you please show up for one of our Hofmann Forest protests tomorrow, even if you can only stay for 20 minutes? (See below for what you can do if you don’t live nearby or if you really can’t make it because, let’s say, you’re a public school teacher and Monday’s the first day of school)

Top 12 Reasons why you should attend our protests on Monday to Save Hofmann Forest:

1. “Emerald Isle” sounds so much better than “Mud Beach” or “Pesticide Point.”
2. Hofmann Forest needs us to rally together NOW and show everyone that many people care about saving this huge tract of public land – before the sale closes (September 23rd?) and its too late!
3. Because it will be really fun and you won’t get arrested, and it will make you feel good deep inside to actually be doing something positive for the world
4. Help us stick it to the man!
5. Losing Hofmann would split asunder a broad network of 500,000+ acres of wildlife habitat across the Onslow Bight region, from Croatan National Forest to Holly Shelter Gamelands.
6. the White Oak River is a beautiful paddling stream, let’s keep it that way!
7. A forestry program needs a big forest like a medical school needs a hospital, as noted by Doc Hofmann when he bought the land in 1934 (Same could be said for wildlife management, outdoor recreation, conservation biology, restoration ecology, and other relevant disciplines at NCSU)
8. Jacksonville needs to keep its tremendous wooded backyard – and the public across North Carolina needs to be able to access this huge forest that we own.
9. Because lying about working forest easements is really uncool – so NCSU leaders need to keep their word and not sell the forest unless it is fully protected.
10. As Professor Fred Cubbage likes to say, its time for the College of Natural Resources to practice what they teach – forest conservation isn’t just for textbooks.
11. Because if we don’t make a stand for the largest tract of state-owned forest in North Carolina – what will they sell next?

12. We’ll have 100 new Save Hofmann Forest yard signs to give away at both locations to the people that show up for the protest!

Please come to the protests, even if it is more than a bit inconvenient. The weather forecast looks great!
Write a note to yourself to attend, and then help us find more people by sharing these links:

If you’re in the Triangle, RSVP and join us in the brickyard at NC State here:

If you’re near Hofmann Forest, RSVP to join folks here:

If you really can’t make the protest, here’s what you can do:
1. sign up to participate in our Thunderclap social media outburst that will take place on Monday during the protest (you can sign up now and it will run automatically):
2. persuasively invite your friends and family to attend the protest – they will have a great time! Use the links above.
3. share the petition link far and wide, to help us hit 10,000 signatures by tomorrow (we’re at 9720 right now!):

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Hofmann Forest, whether you just signed the petition yesterday, or if you’ve been fighting the sale since January 2013 (or before!). Please keep doing what you can to help out, and I know we will prevail in the end!

For the forest, and see you tomorrow,

Ron Sutherland, Ph.D.
NCSU Biology ’99
Conservation Scientist
Wildlands Network

Please Sign Our New Petition – Save Hofmann Forest!

The petition says:

NC State University should not sell Hofmann Forest a 79,000-acre tract of public land in coastal North Carolina to a private businessman to be bulldozed into cornfields and golf courses. Hofmann Forest should be permanently protected from development, and opened back up for the public to enjoy.

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Appeal Reply Briefs

Thanks to our team at Ragsdale-Liggett, Jim Conner, Amie Sivon, Ed Coleman, and Katheryn Fleming, for preparing the following Reply Briefs and for all their efforts to date in the effort to Save Hofmann Forest:

2014-07-14 Reply to Brief of BOT

2014-07-14 Reply to Brief of NRF

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